I dedicate this site to those in my heart, who were there with me in these magic moments I’ve grabbed, and to those precious who encourage me to keep holding a camera.

I explore mindfulness and emotional relief through candid photography in natural light. I’ve always considered these “positive images” as side effects of my lifespan study. However, this collection, released to the public, has gained recognition and it stands on its own. It makes me happy.

Some of my works appear on other websites of mine. Visit Littalics.com, to read about my consulting business in organizational research and workforce innovation. I leveraged my photography on that website to make a point. However, over the years it became my visual signature. Browse on Focus-on-Happiness.com to read (originally in Hebrew) about therapeutic photography based on positive psychology. This is a practical method I’ve developed through experiences and eventually contributed it as is, to people, where ever they are.

Photography Awards & Group Exhibitions
Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art, “Beit Midrash – Graduate Exhibition” (2014)
New Acropolis Israel, “Touch the Light” (2014)
MUZA Eretz Israel Museum Tel Aviv, “Global Nature, Local Nature” (2013)
Institute Francais De Jerusalem – Romain Gary, “Paysages Urbains” (2013)

Publication & Events
College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) –  Guest Lecturer: Photography and Positive Psychology (2014)
“Other Life” Hebrew Magazine, “The inner landscape photography” (2014)
“Traveler” by National Geographic – Guest Photographer: La Boqueria market (2014)
Tel Aviv Creators House, “Streets take off slowly, yet” (2013)

All images and text on this site are copyrighted, © Littal Shemer Haim ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.